The Super Sandwich

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Good bread
Sundried tomatoes
Cheese (cheddar)
Two types of salami
Two eggs
BBQ Sauce

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You might think it’s a little extravagent, but the above list will give you the best sandwich on god’s grean and incredibly unhealthy earth. If you don’t trust me, make it first, then have a little nibble, and then see if you can bear giving it away to a local hungry person. I doubt you’ll be able to.

Anyway, fry everything. Fry the mushrooms, sliced, in butter (until they’re golden brown), fry the tomato slices in tabasco, fry the bacon with love and attention. Fry the eggs face up for a while, then split the yolk, spread the yellow around, and seal it in by flipping the egg for about 5 seconds on its top side. Take it out of the pan quickly, and make sure the sandwich is ready to accept it.

Other than that, it’s all fairly simple. I like to shop the salami up, as well as everything else, into pieces that won’t destroy the sandwich if they stick to your teeth. But you can do whatever you like.

Enjoy it!

Posted 6 years, 2 months ago at 8:33 pm.

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